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Donor coordination still lagging behind

Donor coordination still lagging behind

Our Manager for Western Balkans, Dr Jessie Hronešová discusses the need for greater donor coordination in the international development sector.... read more

BLOG: the truth about project management in challenging settings

Managing projects in challenging settings

In this blog we reflect on the realities of managing projects in challenging contexts.... read more

Promoting stability in Lebanon through community engagement

Promoting Stability in Lebanon through dialogue

Aktis organised an event in Lebanon to discuss participatory approaches to improving safety and security.... read more

Prospects for peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prospects for peace and stability in Bosnia

What are the key political, economic and social challenges?... read more

The role of technology in conflict-affected settings

Applying technology to solve security challenges

Aktis is deeply involved in scoping out new technologies and applying innovations to solving security and development challenges... read more

Working in Fragile and conflict affected states

Working in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

What is it like for women to work in fragile and conflict-affected states?

... read more