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The Missing Muslims

Saskia Marsh

6 July 2017

The use of Mobile Technology for Humanitarian Programming in Syria

Department for International Development

29 March 2017

Why the West and Israel should talk to Hamas

Saskia Marsh

8 March 2016

Building effective institutions

Andrew Rathmell & Arthur Mellors

1 March 2016

Reforming Security Sector Reform for Counterinsurgency

Andrew Rathmell

10 July 2010

Adapting Government for Stabilisation and Counter-Insurgency Operations

Andrew Rathmell

2 December 2009

Security & Justice Development - What Next?

Andrew Rathmell

9 November 2009

Security Sector Evolution: Which Locals? Ownership of What?

Andrew Rathmell

16 September 2008

Fixing Iraq’s Internal Security Forces

Andrew Rathmell

9 November 2007

Intelligence and Security Legislation for Security Sector Reform

Greg Hannah, Kevin A. O'Brien & Andrew Rathmell

21 October 2005

Establishing Law and Order After Conflict

Seth G.Jones, Jeremy M.Wilson, Andrew Rathmell & Jack Riley

19 September 2005

The RAND History of Nation-building

Andrew Rathmell

14 July 2005

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